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The Beats N Bass Weekly Recap 30th March

This week the Beats n Bass show drops some exclusive new tracks from Kano & Devlin, introduces Street Heat artist Dede Kevzz and interviews Boom Bap rappers Kwyat Man & Inkus.

Grime music is purely a UK born sound, so no doubt the Beats N Bass show is all over it. Devlin’s latest track ’50 Grand’ ft Skepta, is a breath of fresh air for Grime and grasps a more conscious approach, I’ve quoted Devlin’s opening lines from the track:

“I think that I’m gonna be sick, it seems like every MC is about, loves telling the poor they’re rich”

Already making a statement and something I couldn’t agree more with, which will become clearer throughout this piece.

Kano is back with a huge track ‘Hail’ again, Kano's style of mixing hard Grime energy with Hip Hop lyricism will no doubt be huge.

This coupled with Skepta’s new mission of taking Grime global; I have a good feeling about Grime’s direction for 2015.

The Selection Section was generating a lot of interest, with this weeks featured Street Heat artist Dede Kevzz, recently dropping his 5 track EP entitled the ‘Experimental EP’ Dede is demonstrating his versatility and definitely stamping his mark on the underground scene.

This week I had the absolute privilege of having two very talented producers and active hip hoppers live in the studio, Inkus and Kwyat Man.

For the more musically inclined, you will already know that Hip Hop is not just a musical genre, it’s a way of life. Being in the presence of two artists that live and breathe the original lifestyle was positively uplifting.

By no means am I referring to the champagne-rapper image portrayed by the majority of mainstream media; but the less publicised culture that embraces positivity, love and acceptance. A culture, which has reached all corners of the globe and influenced followers of all race.

Consider Kwyat Man’s Eye Ricc Empire. He has enlisted the help of producers and rappers worldwide from LA to Texas and Holland to Poland, by sharing the expertise amongst the group they can achieve their goals in-house, based on a simple bartering system as opposed to an exchange of money, e.g. swapping a beat for a rap, or music mastering for artwork. A perfect example of how the traditional Hip Hop culture was built.

From their track titles alone you get a feel of what the team are about, producing tracks like ‘Life’s Good’, ‘Summertime’ and ‘Nothing But A Party’ their fun and realistic approach to music is more than worthy of a listen.

Listen back to the latest show to hear it all.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our first post, please leave a comment.

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