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The Beats N Bass Weekly Recap 23rd April

Over the past few weeks our listenership has unexpectedly increased, word continues to spread of our support for up and coming talent, taking great pride in providing quality airtime on Croydon Radio. Both the @BeatsNBassShow and my own, @DJ_Shabz, Twitter accounts have been sent new music from a range of artists across the country, read on and see what’s hot this week.

First up is UK Hip Hop artist Marvelous Southstar, hooking up with vocalist JoJo F. Dropping his first official UK release ‘The Wait Is Over’. A clever production with an upbeat feel and charged lyrics it’s set to be a future banger. With 3 mixtapes already under his belt, Southstar is one to watch, so check out the visuals by Digits Tv.

Peltsman, a name you may have already heard, appearing as a finalist on MTV’s Brand New Unsigned in 2014. Following his release of the female friendly ‘Your Love’ featuring Kenny Thomas, Peltsman returns with hard hitting remix of ‘Truffle Butter’ featured on Link Up TV. Encompassing some traditional Hip Hop values Peltsman kills it, with direct and easy to digest rhymes he is stamping his style and sound down for the urban scene with maximum impact. I’m expecting big things from this guy.

Singer, songwriter Skai, drops her sexy, RnB and soul infused, ‘Too Busy’ track. Skai’s softly sung vocal, over a mesmerising beat by producer Breddwinnaz creates an impressive combination. I’m looking forward to hearing her anticipated debut EP entitled ‘Record’. Take a listen to her latest release.

One to watch this year is singer and songwriter Ady Suleiman, taking musical influences from a wide spectrum of music including Soul and Hip Hop. Singing some real talk lyrics twisted with some Hip Hop swing over acoustic guitar, Ady has a great formula for his latest single ‘State Of Mind’. Previously performing at both Glastonbury and Bestival Festivals I really need to hear Ady perform live, up until that point I will be making do with his debut EP ‘This Is My EP’. Take a listen to ‘State Of Mind’.

This week’s Street Heat was a difficult choice, based upon the array of talent displayed, but one particular artist had come through and didn’t disappoint, previous guest and energetic performer Chozen Official is back with a new banger featuring MC Fonts and Barnaby, kicking off the tune with a modern Queen influenced ‘We Will Rock You’ intro, with the crowd chanting the title of the song ‘Mayday’ it quickly drops into a fast paced DnB style beat with Dubstep bass and elements of hard Rock dropping a sick electronic guitar solo to end with. Chozen has always made big festival tracks that need to be heard on heavy-duty sound systems. You can catch him performing live this Friday April 24th at Wilton’s Music Hall, E1 8JB.

Previous Street Heaters also included Wow Bros a duo consisting of HY and Finker, they dropped by Croydon Radio this week with a couple of exclusives. Being raised on Grime, it’s good to hear the new wave of grime artists taking an alternate outlook, considering the lyrical aspect of making a song, demonstrating their versatility on the tracks and highlighting the differences within Grime and using Dot Rotten for inspiration; it's not hard to see why Wow Bros are making some serious moves. The stand out tune for me was ‘Known MC’s’ produced by Rets Beats and featuring midlands based artist, Rame. Check out Wow Bros latest track ‘Thicker Than Water’ with visuals coming very soon.

Listen to the full interview HERE, plus new music from Newham Generals, The Prototypes, Dertee featuring Sneakbo, Yelawolf featuring Eminem and Mike Lowry.

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